Oh the places I’ve been!

I love to travel, and do so quite often! All of my trips are very different, so here are the links on reading more about them.

Tuscon, AZ – April 2017

Rome, GA; Wake Forest, NC; Asheville, NC; – February 2017

Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico – July 2016

DeGray Lake State Park, Arkansas – March 2016

Carnival Cruise to Belize, Hondura, and Cozumel – December 2015

Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico – July 2015

Silverthorne, CO – June 2015

Barcelona, Spain – July 2014

Pinewood Springs, CO – Spring Break 2014.  This was a disaster relief trip with the BCM@LSU!

Tuscaloosa, AL – March 2014

Tucson, AZ – Christmas 2013

Oklahoma – July 2014.

Atlanta, GA – Spring Break 2013

Atlanta, GA – Spring Break 2012. An adventure in going with a group of International Students to sight-see in Hot-lanta! Read about the preview here and the recap here!

Managua, Nicaragua – May 2012. My first international travels – and certainly not the last.  Click here for the preview that tells about the group I’m traveling with and what we’ll be doing.  My thoughts the day before leaving are here. Summaries post-travel:

NICA2012,  Days 1-2: Bienvenidos! 

NICA2012, Day 3: Up a Winding Mountain Road

NICA2012, Days 4-6: The beat of a heart…

NICA2012, Day 7: Zippin’ Right Along

NICA2012, Day 8: Enjoying Nica Hospitality

NICA2012, Day 9: Mourn, Rejoice, Pray, and LAUGH!

NICA2012, Day 10: “They come because you’re Americans”

NICA2012, Days 11-12: “There is a wholeness to women…”

NICA2012, Days 13-14: Hasta Pronto, Nica!

NICA201: The End of the Tale (Sort of)


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