What am I up to now?


I’ve been away from this blog for some time now, and was not sure I would ever come back to it. While it’s likely that my mother is the only one who reads this (Hi, Mom!), I wanted to give an update on what life is like for me right now.

Currently in my third year of medical school, I am rotating through what we call clerkships. These are 2 or 6 week rotations in the various major specialties of medicine.  Six week rotations cover the core specialties – OBGYN, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Psychiatry.  Between those, we have three of what we refer to as “2-2-2s,” which are three two-week rotations. One is always family medicine, so you have completed six weeks total by the end of the year. Two are two week vacation blocks, which makes life feel very “real world.”  Two are elective rotations, one is adult general clinic, and the last is a neurology/neurosurgery block.

IMG_6081As I type this, I am on my two week adult general clinic rotation.  Due to growing class sizes, we complete part of these rotations at a hospital about 90 miles from our main training hospital. This week, that’s where I am.  The school has organized apartments for us to stay in while we rotate over here.  They’re very nice – certainly quieter and more updated than my college apartment!

We’re approximately two-thirds through the school year, which went by seemingly fast! There were long days, and even long weeks, but overall time has moved quickly.  I have two six-week rotations left, in Surgery and Psychiatry.  These are probably the two I was least looking forward to, but still hope to learn applicable information, even if only for my board exams.

Those who know me well may be thinking, “What?! Didn’t you just take a board exam??” Yes, in fact, I did. To get a medical license in the US, you have to pass three “steps” of the exam. The fist was taken before I could start third year. The second has two parts, which will be taken later this year. The third I’ll take after graduating.

IMG_5788What am I doing outside of medical school? I have been quilting quite a lot. Experimenting with patterns and colors and designs is a great creative outlet, that also gets me away from a computer screen. Bread making has made a comeback, and is my current favorite form of baking. Running and I are slowly rekindling our relationship, after a rough half marathon a year ago. I do still weight train often, and stay active overall.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with my grandmother, going to lunch and bookstores and book sales.  I’m trying to read 40 books a year, which is a little more of a challenge than I expected it to be! (I was a total bookworm as a kid, and still am to this day. But I like to curl up with a book for hours and hours, which isn’t often an option!)  We’ve also become a hockey family, after we signed up to host a player from the local NAHL team.  The games are fast, fierce, and cold, but I’ve come to enjoy the sport, though I don’t fully understand the game. My sister and I have started ice skating, which has been entertaining!

While I’m working and studying, I have more free time than I did during the first two years of school.  Third year has been the best year yet!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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