261Fearless Ambassador!


A few weeks ago, I was browsing Twitter during a study break. I came across a post from Girls on the Run about Kathrine Switzer’s Ambassador program for her organization, 261Fearless.  I certainly know who Kathrine Switzer is, and you might, too.  She was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, when she ran under “K.V. Switzer” in 1967.  The race director was outraged, and attempted to remove her from the course and the race.  She went on to finish, and then has spent the last four decades paving the way for women runners.  The organization got it’s name from her number in the 1967 Boston: 261.  As running has made a positive impact on my life, I jumped at the chance and filled out the application.  I received word recently that I was picked as one of the ambassadors! I’m now part of a global community of women who run, walk, move forward, and encourage others to do the same.  You’ll certainly hear more from me on this organization over the next year, but I wanted to be sure and share what 261Fearless is all about:

Mission: is to bring active women together through a global supportive community – allowing fearless women to pass strength gained from running and walking onto women who are facing challenges and hence sparking a revolution of empowerment. 261 is the symbol that unites us as empowered runners and walkers.

Who is a 261Fearless ambassador? A 261 Fearless Ambassador is a woman who finds solace, strength and freedom in running or walking. She is also a role model, a communicator, a supporter and a friend. She has the ability to stand strong for herself and has the aspiration to bring the love of movement to others. She understands that women can benefit enormously from running to overcome personal limitation and adversity, and so she encourages those around her to run and walk. She understands the need for women to connect through running and the importance of a community of empowered women. Through her personal interactions and social media, she has the ability and desire to welcome women into this 261 Fearless community and a determination to spread 261 Fearless mission.

Read more about 261Fearless: http://www.261fearless.org

Read more about Kathrine Switzer: http://kathrineswitzer.com


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