Grateful for Girls on the Run!

IMG_4603 IMG_5867

I love these shots I got of some of the girls on my team yesterday! I sat on the ground and angled my phone up as they ran towards me. It looks a bit like they’re flying, doesn’t it?

I’m now on my 5th (!!) season of coaching with Girls on the Run! This fall semester, I’m with 4 other coaches and 10 girls to make one fun team. In fact, this might be my favorite yet. They’re energetic with a flair for the dramatic, but none are catty or discouraging. As an added bonus, they’re pretty entertaining because you never know what they’ll say next!

One of this weeks lessons was on gratitude.  After the girls took turns sharing a person or place they are grateful for, it was my turn. The weather was gorgeous, so I shared that I was grateful for the weather. All at once, I heard shouts of “Aren’t you grateful for GOTR?” “What about us!?” Laughing, I reassured them I was and am grateful for them.  They proceeded to run for 40 minutes, their longest so far. Before the run, they each set a lap goal for themselves, and many of them met or beat their goals!  At the end of the day, the confidence and pride radiated off their flushed faces. Seeing that is one of my favorite parts of the program.

I’ve been asked why I chose to help with GOTR while in med school.  The answer is easy: I enjoy every minute of it! I learn as much about confidence in myself and making healthy choices as the girls, and get to see them grow over the 12-week program. When it all boils down, this is healthcare, too.  Empowering confident young girls today creates healthy, joyful women in the future. They learn now about conflict resolution, smart food choices, and encouraging others. We’re investing now in girls who will positively impact the world around them, which is preventative health care at it’s finest.

Read more about Girls on the Run here and consider getting involved!


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