Moving My Soles Along


Hello, friends! I’ve been away from blogging for a while, but have decided to make an effort to document more of life, even if it’s just short little tidbits.  Lately, I’ve been God calling me to create a simple life.  While I’m not sure exactly what all that entails yet, I got started with my physical stuff after reading this article.  After my microbiology final, I spent a feverish three hours going through my clothes, shoes, books, and art supplies.  Everything went through the same set of questions – Do I use this? Do I like this? Will I use it in the future? Things like holey socks and dried paints went into the trash, and everything else was sorted into “keep” or “move along.”  For the “move along” piles, I had specific places for them each to go:

  • Old magazines: to my friend who teaches 2nd grade
  • Books, clothes, decor/accessories: Rolling Hills thrift store
  • Running shoes: Nike’s recycling program.

I had let an embarrassing 5 old pairs of tennis shoes pile up. After the purge, I ended up with my current and previous pair of running shoes, plus a pair of gym/weight shoes. This meant that I finally parted ways with my marathon shoes. While I stopped to take the above picture, I was surprised that I didn’t feel sadness or nostalgia when I dropped the shoes into the recycling bin.  Tossing my very worn and smelly shoes doesn’t change the fact that I ran a marathon. Plus, now I have less clutter and the shoes will be turned into a new place to play. Win-win? I think yes!


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