A Monday in the Life of an MS1

MS1 (noun): a student in the first year of medical school, usually equipped with a Macbook, purple scrubs, and a distinct formaldehyde smell.  See also: confused, tired, doe-eyed.


Something I was always curious about before starting med school was what day-to-day life looked like.  While every day is different, this sampling gives an idea of an average Monday.  Tuesday looked different, because we had anatomy lab, and today (Wednesday) I might just go to the public library and podcast all day.

Without further ado, here is Monday, September 15:

6:00am – alarm goes off
6:23 –
 actually get out of bed. Business casual day requires a little more time and effort than other days. Get dressed, breakfast, pack my backpack.
7:13 – leave my house and hope I’ve caught the window between school traffic and work traffic.
7:40 – park in the M (student) lot and catch the shuttle to school. Head up to the 8th floor to put away my backpack and take just my computer down to the testing center on the 3rd floor.
8:00 – Foundation of Clinical Medicine exam
8:20 – finish exam
9:00 – patient presentation on hemachromatosis. Don’t know what that is? I didn’t either. But this will be the disease we discuss in detail in our Thursday morning small groups.
10-12 – Lectures 
12: lunch, outside because I miss the sunshine.
1-2: lecture
2: decide where we want to study
2:30 – study at Barnes and Noble until time to head to flag football.
4:10 – social media break (just being real here!)
4:45 – bathroom break
5:35-  change clothes and head to LSUS
6:00 – flag football game against the PA students (We won in a spectacular comeback.)
7:00 – drive home, dinner, and shower
8:20 – back at my desk for studying
10:20 – decide I’m done for the night. By this point I’ve covered the day’s lectures at least once, but I’m usually done a little earlier in the day.
1045 – bedtime, so I can do it all again the next day.

The only mandatory events were the exam and the patient presentation.  For me, if I have to come to school, I stay for everything. This day was a little longer and a littler busier than average, but I think it gives a good look at what my “every day” looks like, and now I have this to look back on in a few years. And you know what else? I LOVE it here.  More than I ever expected.



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