A Love Letter to My Body

We’ve had a good 22 years together thus far, but I haven’t always been kind to you.

Too tall.

Too pale.

Too soft.

Always too something.

But not anymore.


I no longer look in the mirror with hatred in my heart.  This alone is evidence of how God has changed my heart over the last few years.

Now I just see God-given beauty.

A head of red hair, always a point of conversation and jokes.

Blue eyes that connect me to my mom, dad, and sister.

A nose and cheeks dotted with freckles that speak of time spent in the sunshine.

A mouth to give kisses, speak words of love, and eat lots of ice cream.

Two ears to hear laughter and singing.

Broad shoulders like my grandmother.  Covered in freckles and great in a tank top.

Strong arms that can hold babies or wrap loved ones in hugs.

Hands that often catch the brunt of anxiety, but allow me to write and paint and create.

A soft middle, because I’ve been blessed to have had enough to eat.

Hips to dance and hula-hoop.

Strong legs that can run a marathon and walk the streets of Barcelona.

Feet, flat like my grandfather, criss-crossed with tan lines, calluses, and scars, that speak of adventures had and miles covered.

You are strong, and healthy, and more than I ever deserved.  A blessing from God. I’m sorry for the years I wasn’t kind, but those years are behind us. Now I’m ready to give you the respect you deserve.

Dearest body,
I love you.



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