Becoming an alum

Ok, so lots of life has happened since I ran a marathon. (But OMG I RAN A MARATHON!). Rather than try to backtrack and cover all those exciting events (there were many), I think the best thing to do is start at the most recent and then keep moving forward. The biggest thing lately? I graduated from college. It was a day I thought would never come and came much too fast all at the same time.



On May 16, 2014, I graduated cum laude from Louisiana State University A&M College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Sciences and a minor in Spanish.

My parents came down, and family flew in from Arizona.  I passed on the main ceremony on Thursday in favor of a dinner at Boutin’s.  Friday dawned early for my nervous tummy.  That settled down once I got to the fieldhouse and realized I knew the majority of the 300+ grads, either from class or my dorm days.  From there on out, it was just fun! We lined up and paraded in, pride beaming from every face in the room.  First to speak was LSU President F. King Alexander.  He’s only been at LSU a year, but he’s fought for students in a way that no one else has – he’s going to take the university in a wonderful direction! The main speaker was the former dean of the College of Science, and the dad of one of the grads. He was funny, and had us all stand and sing with him. As far as commencement ceremonies go, it was a good one.


The 2014 graduating class was recorded as the most diverse in LSU history.  I’m a fan of interesting stats, so here’s a few about my class:

The largest, with 6,251 graduates.

The most females in history, making up 55% of the total.  For the College of Science, females made up 32%.

Our class represented 57 parishes, 47 U.S. states, and 57 foreign countries.

I’m proud to be an alum of the esteemed LSU, a part of the “incredible legacy of academia” that comes with my degree.  My time at LSU was beyond good, and full of unexpected and wonderful experiences and there’s no way I’ll ever be able to put it all into words. Leaving LSU is a mix of so many feelings – elation and sadness and excitement and nostalgia and lots of tears to go with it. It was all the cliches about college – laughter and love and late nights and procrastination and tears and frustration and pride and accomplishments and standing at the end and being able to say “I have done well and left a mark. No regrets.”

Always and ForeverLSU.




One thought on “Becoming an alum

  1. With regard to positive life events, you have probably just experienced the #3 ranker (getting married and having a child are #2 and #1 in my book)
    I had the same mix of emotions that you are talking about. I sat there in my little duplex listening to “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis as I packed up to start a new job.
    Happiness, sadness, confusion, nostalgia, wisfulness, all rolled up into one collective state of shock.
    Turn the page and head into the new chapter. There is more happiness awaits you after college. Congratuations, and we are proud of you!

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