La. Marathon Training: Weeks 3 and 4

These summary posts aren’t that exciting, so I think combining two weeks together is gonna be the way to go!

Week 3 – October 13-19

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Track workout! I’ve come to really like these.  This was a stair step workout, so I actually had to write the splits on my forearm with a sharpie to remember them.

1200 – 8:04 (Goal: 8:09), 1000 – 6:39 (6:44), 800 – 5:21 (5:22), 600 – 4:03 (4:00), 400 – 2:33 (2:39)

Tuesday – Cycle interval class at the rec center. Kick butt, early morning, super sweaty 45 minutes on the spin bike.

Wednesday – 4 miles in the AM and 2 in the PM for a total of 6 miles.  The goal here was a steady state run, but those afternoon miles sure felt a little easier.  I think the cycling class may have played into a little leg fatigue here, but I felt pretty accomplished getting in two runs that day.

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 2.5 easy miles

Saturday – Rest. Pouring rain during the early morning hours and some hemming and hawing about when to run long ended up in this being a rest day.  It worked out, cause I got in lots of study hours.

Sunday – 10 miles for a beautiful long run.  Lots of people in the area are training, so the lakes were nicely populated that morning.

Summary of my run.

The goal on long runs is always to start slow and finish strong, and I pretty much nailed it.  I also played around with eating a little as I go to keep my energy up, cause 26.2 miles is a long way to go with no fuel.

Ain't that purty?
Ain’t that purty?

Thoughts on Week 3: NAILED IT.

Week 4: The sluggish and weird one. October 20 – 27.

Monday – Weights and abs, with a crazy amount of kettlebell swings that didn’t seem so crazy at the time.

Tuesday – 4×1000 on the track (was supposed to be 5×1000). Goal time was 6:44 and we hit these repeats in 7:22, 6:58, 6:47, and 6:46.  I think the kettlebell swings and a late night of studying (and beignets) may have to take the fall for that one.

Wednesday – 2.5 miles in the morning.  I had time for more, but decided to review before my 8:30 test. (HA! Should have just run.  That test was stinkin’ difficult.)

Thursday – REST.  I was really grateful for this rest day.  If rest days make you antsy, you’re not working hard enough, right?

Friday – 3 miles at a slow and steady pace.

Saturday – lots of hullabaloo and a late bedtime forced this into a rest day. I studied, because what else am I supposed to do?

Sunday – 11 miles.  The splits here weren’t near as purty as the 10-miler last week, but I still felt strong and seem to have recovered pretty quickly. Got all mixed up in Boo on the Row so dodging adorable-but-in-the-way toddlers added a little spice to this run.

Thoughts on Week 4: THUMB TACKED IT. A step or two below nailing it, but for the lack of sleep and tired legs, I’m totes ok with this week.

I’m 25% of the way through training and feeling great.  Lots of cheese and animal crackers and Dunkin’ coffees have been consumed.  On a sadder note, I’m now on this training wagon alone.  Kayla realized today what I’ve known for a few weeks – with all the health concerns she’s had the past few months, the wisest thing to do would be to drop down to the half.  She made it halfway through the 11 miler this week before having to stop. I know it’s the wisest decision, but I was looking forward to doing this with a friend.  I guess that means it’s time to start recruiting cheerleaders for the race!

84 days until race day!


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