Cheers to August!

I know, I know, it’s the middle of September. So why a blog post entitled “August”?

For many, January and the New Year are a time of beginnings and renewals.  For me, life as I know it has always centered around a traditional school year, so I associated August with a time of transition, endings, and beginnings. This August didn’t disappoint.

Glorieta 2013.
Glorieta 2013.

The first week of August was spent in Glorieta, NM for Collegiate Week. The BCM caravan picked me up in Shreveport for the 20+ hour drive. After broken AC, a van that wouldn’t start and some cramped quarters, we made it.  On arrival at 8am, we set up tents and tables and made several grocery story trips before the conference started. The rest of the group arrived about 3pm.  I attended collegiate week two years ago, and knew this would be my last chance to attend as a student. I am so so so so glad that I went. I know my experiences from the week won’t all make it on here, but it was an amazing and Spirit-filled week. And the drive back was probably one of my favorite cross-Texas traveling experiences ever.

Allgood Wedding!
Allgood Wedding!

As soon as I got home from NM and slept for 15 hours, it was time to celebrate two of my childhood friends tying the knot! It was a simple, beautiful wedding that was full of love.

The week following was packing, seeing friends at home, working a few more times at the clinic, and dwelling in the last bit of extended rest before I jumped back to Baton Rouge with both feet.

A week before classes started, I moved back to Baton Rouge. The move.  Oh the move.  I’ve lived in furnished places before this year, so I never have experienced moving furniture.  I decided that simple and minimal were going to be my bedroom themes for this new place.  I opted for a desk, a dresser, and a mattress and box spring on the floor. It is wonderful and relaxing and serene and colorful and so me.

Before I could really get settled, it was time for leadership retreats and planning for the school year.  Glorieta got my excited for a school year that I previously had doubts about, and that week was finally time to get my feet on the ground.  We had one of the most successful move-in days I’ve ever been a part of, and then freshman and upperclassman events filed the next few days before school started.  I made bread and hung out with neighbors and roommates and old friends. I decorated my room and ran and settled in.

I began my final Fall semester at LSU on Aug 26. By the end of day one, my head was spinning and I had no idea what language to speak in any class (English-speaking in science classes and Spanish for the rest).  That day, we served 340+ people a $0.99 steak dinner and I finally sat down at 10pm.

August rounded out with a trip to the beach.  Sand and wind and waves and fresh air are good for resting the soul and the body and it was exactly what I needed to go into September.

All this to say, transition is hard.  Change is uncomfortable.  Carving out time for rest and quiet in a new season is complicated. It is in these times of transition that we grow.  We mature and discover a little more of the character of God deep within our Spirits. August was a transition much like the last three Augusts, but still so different.  I’ve transitioned into my final year at LSU, a place that genuinely gets in your blood and stays forever. I said I wouldn’t be sappy and dwell on the “lasts”, but occasionally it hits me that I won’t return to the place of stately oaks and broad magnolias next August.  It will be a different kind of transition next August.

August is endings and beginnings. I’m all in for this season.  My mind and heart are 100% in for experiences and relationships and responsibilities and I will do this regardless of the fact that I will walk away from Baton Rouge next summer.

So cheers to August!


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