DEEP: Fuego 2013

IMG_6184 IMG_6181 IMG_6190 IMG_6193 IMG_6201 IMG_6214 IMG_6236 IMG_6283 IMG_6288 IMG_6297 IMG_6298 IMG_6299 IMG_6300 IMG_6322

IMG_6323Nearly a month later, I’m finding it difficult to put into words my experience at Camp Fuego this summer.  Obviously, the camp has my heart, or I would not have returned for a third summer.  The theme for the summer was “Deep,” focusing on a verse in Psalms about the depths of God washing over us, and God’s deep heart calling to our deep heart.  The deeper we go into God, the deeper He appears to us – there is not limit to the depth of God’s heart.  What a simple thought that has large impact!

I worked middle school week, and it was fabulous.  I led a small group of 6th grade girls with one of our new staff, Katelyn. She just graduated from high school and was asked to staff middles school week. DG (Discussion Group) for that week was a balance of leading the girls while teaching Katelyn how to lead, something I didn’t realize was happening until late in the week.  That speaks such volumes of how much faith our directors had in me, and I am humbled by it.

Camp was reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, rocking my fanny pack, riding in a van with 106 hot pizzas, explaining rec in a bad British accent, dance parties, high fives, ROF fangirl moments, Gospel conversations, and so much more.  My focus lately has been on being all in wherever I am, and I am so grateful that I jumped all in to camp this summer.  I was blessed so deeply by the relationships forged, even though it meant crying in a Whataburger parking lot because I had to say goodbye to the staff for a while.  God does a mighty work through Camp Fuego, both in the staff and the campers.  I absolutely cannot wait to go back next summer! #Fuegoforlife



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