Thrifting Treasures

IMG_6140It’s not a secret that I love thrift stores.  I have since way before the song came out for that matter.  Most of the last two days have been spent seeking out all the thrift stores that Shreveport- Bossier has to offer.  The pretense was looking for a desk, but that didn’t stop me from looking at other things as well.

IMG_6139The set of four yellow mugs (with fleur-dis-lis on the front!) and the white button down (Liz Claiborne) from Goodwill for $9. The blue flannel button down (Gap Mens) and the drink jug are from a place called Olive St. Thrift and I got them both for $4.  Olive St. donates some of their profits to the Humane Society, so I was excited to check it out.

IMG_6135Now let me talk about this desk for a minute.  I’ve been searching all over for a writing table style desk that was vintage and I could refinish. My mom was up in Oil City today and went by this crazy little place called Pickers.  Oil City is one of those one stoplight towns and Pickers is run by the mayor. This “desk” is actually a sewing machine cabinet that the owner/mayor had just refinished last weekend.  When he first gets things, they go out on the Picker porch at a lower price, then eventually come in and get marked up.  This beauty was still out on the front porch and my mom got it for a steal at $90.

Who needs new things when you can get one-of-a-kind steals like this? And the searching for it makes it all the better.  Have I mentioned I’m excited about my new desk?!


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