Little Friends

Friends my size are scattered all over this summer, so I’ve befriended some smaller beings.

If you follow me on Instagram (or are a lucky recipient of #SelfieSaturday texts), then you’ve met Bella.  She doesn’t live at our house, just comes to stay sometimes. At about three months old, she sleeps and eats, with a little playing mixed in.  When she was visiting the other night, Mom asked me to keep an eye on Bella for a few minutes. Bella was hanging on the cool kitchen tile, so I decided to join her!

It really wasn't a bad nap.
It really wasn’t a bad nap for either of us. 

She’s coming to stay for a few days later this week, so I’m pretty excited!

My other little friend is my smallest cousin. His name is Jace, but we call him Baby J. He’s six months old and wears size 18-month clothing.  It’s safe to say he will be as big as his 6-foot-6 daddy. The little chunk gurgled and drooled and cooed and spit up for the entire hour I tossed him around.

Baby lovin.  For now, I'll stick to loving on babies I can hand back after a few hours.
Baby lovin. For now, I’ll stick to loving on babies I can hand back after a few hours.

And because it’s entertaining with both babies and puppies, I just had to see what he would do if I blew in his face.  Behold, the drunk baby look:

Too much fun last night?
Too much fun last night?

Can we also take a minute to coo over that baby belly? They’re the best.

This was only the second time I’ve seen Jace, but I’m hoping to kidnap him a few more times this summer, along with his 3 year-old sister.  (She was napping the whole time we visited yesterday. And she’s not one you disturb during nap time!)

I hope all of you have gotten in some baby or puppy loving this summer!

PS: I also gave the blog a little makeover this week!



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