Good Morning World!

I’m home all day today on doctor’s orders to recover from a wicked virus that took over my body a few days ago. The steroid shot they gave me has kicked in, so I’m feeling human again.  Thankfully I’m only missing one class today, so there really was no better day to be home sick!

While I have some time (though I still have a test to study for and paper to write), I wanted to tell about last weekend!

Thursday night, I attended the first performance of BCM Presents: Fiddler on the Roof! It was our second annual dinner theater to raise money for summer missions.  Last year’s production was great, so I knew this year would be too.  IT WAS EVEN BETTER!! I didn’t know the storyline, which helped me pay attention better.  There were two acts and an intermission, but you barely noticed that the musical was 3 hours long.  I was friends with most of the cast, so it was exciting to get to cheer on my friends.  There were also people I didn’t know, so it’s great that our production pulled in people from outside the BCM.  We laughed and cried through the entire show, and gave roaring cheers and a standing ovation at the end.  If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you really missed out!

The Fiddler Cast!
The Fiddler Cast!
Bren was a Mama and Caroline was the Fiddler!
Bren was a Mama and Caroline was the Fiddler!

Friday afternoon, I checked another item off my LSU to-do list and went with Em to a women’s tennis match.  They were playing A&M, and didn’t do well, but we still had fun cheering for them and getting a little sunshine! I was glad we took tennis class last year, so we could understand the scoring and rules of the game.  We stayed for all of the double and some of the singles matches.

Source: lsureveille.comEm's friend Kari is a rockstar on the tennis team!
Em’s friend Kari is a rockstar on the tennis team!

Once our friend Caroline got into town, we donned our gold shirts and went to cheer on another set of Lady Tigers at the LSU Softball game! They had their SEC opener and beat Kentucky 7-1, and then we headed to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop for dinner the second time last week.

Saturday morning, we had intentions to go the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which is bigger than Mardi Gras parades here in BR.  Instead, we stayed in our pj’s until noon, watching movies with Alex’s little brother, who spent the night.  Dylan’s mom came by for a visit, then the rest of Alex’s family.  We got outside in the BEAUTIFUL weather to play some frisbee until Em’s family got in.  We all donned our Bou’s Crew shirts and headed to game 2 of the series.

Sunshine, sunglasses, and great friends!
Sunshine, sunglasses, and great friends!

The game went into extra innings, and Alex got put in to pinch run, scoring the tying run! Moments later, Jacee got a hit, getting a walk-off win for the team!

Hey there statue Mike!
Hey there statue Mike!

Sunday was church, and then a dessert show for Fiddler! I was in charge of getting desserts organized, so my car was loaded down with sweets galore.  Girls dropped them off at my apartment and brought them to me at church. (I baked Mississippi Mud Cookies from my SEC Tailgating cookbook!) We got everything set out nice and pretty, then I sold tickets at the door.  I didn’t stay for the show, but headed home to do some work before going to dinner with some old friends.

Other than getting sick Sunday afternoon, I had a wonderful weekend! 7 more school days until Spring Break!





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