Makeup-Free March

I’ve posted before about my version of New Year’s resolutions for this year – I came up with 12 things I wanted to try out this year, put them in a mason jar, and I pick one the first of each month.  January, it was 12 hand-written notes, February, it was #PlankADay, and for this month, going makeup-free.

Now, I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to makeup anyway (just ask my mother!), but I do wear mascara almost every single day, even going to workout.  Being a redhead, my eyelashes are all but invisible.  I feel like I look like some combination of young and tired without any mascara/eye makeup.  At 20 years old, I feel like makeup helps me look at least a little bit “put together” when I leave the house.

Though there is virtually no time commitment, this will be quite a challenge.  It’s going to be about attacking my insecurities, facing my freckles, acne, chicken pox scars, and invisible eye lashes.  It’s about presenting my most basic self to the world, and being okay if they don’t accept me for it.  To start, here’s me – no makeup. Once the internet world has seen it, everyone has seen it, right?


photoSo will you join me this month? Maybe just go without makeup one day a week.  It’s a start!

Here’s some interesting articles:

Opinion: It’s time to go makeup free

Katie Couric goes makeup free



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