Rock’n’Roll Nola 2013: The Expo!

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you probably know how this weekend’s race went.  I still want to tell the whole tale though! Saturday started out by trying to sleep in.  I set my alarm for 10, and ended up waking up at 8:18 (even after going to bed at the crazy-late hour of 1am!).  I stayed in bed until 9, and got up to shower.  I did my homework for Monday, packed my bag, ate a blueberry-strawberry-pineapple smoothie for lunch, then Em and I loaded the car to go get Kayla from rowing practice in Plaquemine.  Once we got out to pick her up, she changed clothes across the street in the Iberville Parish Jail (ha!).  I had picked up her bag for the weekend the night before, so we were ready to hit the road to New Orleans!

The majority of the ride was pretty uneventful.  Em studied and Kayla fell asleep.  We hit some traffic in Metairie, and then things cleared up, until all of the sudden Em is telling me to put on my flashers and pull over! Apparently a car flipped over in front of us.  I didn’t see it, but that’s probably for the better.  Em called 911, but the guy had crawled out of the car and was okay.

We got turned around a few times but eventually found the convention center.  (Who knew New Orleans had a toll bridge? Not me!).

The expo was fabulous!  Check-in was easy, they had shirts left in our size, and we had plenty of time to explore while we waited on Victoria to get there.  We all got prizes from the Brooks area, and also had our gait analyzed.  My analysis: I have flat feet. Shocker, right? We got some samples at different booths, including sport beans, sunscreen, biofreeze, and also picked up some information about upcoming races.

Em getting her gait analyzed!
Em getting her gait analyzed!
KayKay and I at the expo. (No, we didn't mean to dress alike!)
KayKay and I at the expo. (No, we didn’t mean to dress alike!)

We headed down to the Quarter to meet Caroline for dinner, and ended up at Crescent City Brewhouse. After dinner, we found Kayla some medicine and headed to the hotel.  Our room had one king bed and a pullout, so me, Kayla, and Em slept on the bed and Victoria on the pullout.  We had lots of giggles and laid out all our clothes, and turned in pretty early!

Next to come: The race!


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