Rock’n’Roll Nola: 2013 Edition!

This time tomorrow, I’ll be on my way to New Orleans with a few of my favorites.  To do what you may ask? Pick up our packets to run the Rock’n’Roll New Orleans Half Marathon on Sunday! I haven’t talked about it much on here, mainly because my training has been minimal.  After getting hurt over Thanksgiving, then running the Woman’s Half anyway, I took a solid month off training.  Since then, I’ve had a 3-4 short runs each week, with a few long runs worked in for good measure.  It hasn’t been the best training cycle, but I’m ready to enjoy the race anyway! We had so much fun running this race last year that we knew we wanted to run it again this year.

RNR 2012!
RNR 2012: Caroline, Em, Madeline, and me!

Caroline’s not running this year, but she’ll be working the water stop at Mile 23.  We told her if she sees us to call for help because we’re very lost! Emily, Madeline, and I are running again, with Kayla and Em’s friend Victoria also joining us.  Madeline’s family is even coming down from TN because her dad is running the full marathon!

Expectations for this weekend? To have a good weekend with friends in New Orleans.  I just want to finish the race, with no goals for time. (Ok, so under 2:45 would be nice).  I’m still battling the mental issue of thinking each step will hurt me again.  I’ve been running essentially pain free for a month now, so I know I can do it.  I was super nervous last year, but I’m not this time around.  Wish me luck and pray it doesn’t rain on Sunday! Look out next week for updates on how the race goes.

Had to include this gem for good measure.  One of my favorites!
Had to include this gem for good measure. One of my favorites!

(Psst: Read about last year’s race under the “Been There, Raced That” tab!)


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