Monthly Resolutions!

This year, I decided to come up with 12 different goals/challenges for the year.  I put them all in a mason jar, and pick one at the beginning of each month. For January, I drew the card that said “12 Handwritten notes.” I only managed to write seven, but that’s still about 5 more than I usually write in a month! I’ll be sure to write five more…eventually.

Two of the cards I sent!
Two of the cards I sent!

For February, I drew one that is a little less of a time commitment, but equally challenging: #plankaday! I did the plank-a-day challenge for a while last year, but fell off the wagon on that one.  How am I doing? So far, so good! I corrected my form last week, and things got way harder.  I can feel the burn in my lower abs now!

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Tomorrow starts the Lenten season, so be looking for a post on that.  Also, I’m running another half in a few weeks!


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