New Year’s Eve!

Last night I had one of the best New Year’s celebrations I’ve probably ever had! My family was originally supposed to go on vacation this week, but when we had to cancel, I asked if I could throw a glitzy New Year’s Eve bash instead.  Mom said yes, and the party planning pin board was created!

Decorations in the kitchen!
Decorations in the kitchen!

I started cooking Sunday night, and finished up Monday morning.  I made taco soup from my new Southern Living cookbook, peanut butter kiss cookies, sinfully delicious layered brownies, s’mores mix,  homemade guacamole, chocolate chip cookies, and a few other dips and mixes.  The only complete failure of a recipe was my attempt at spinach dip.  Mom didn’t even let me put that out on the table!

Cat came early to help me set up!
Cat came early to help me set up!

We watched the LSU game while oohing and ahhing over my friend’s nephew.  I tell ya, that baby is so chunky that he has no neck at all.  Even the back of his head had rolls! It was the cutest thing.

After the LSU game was over, we turned over to Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve just in time to jam with T.Swift. Several of us were on the Staten Island team, and it was strange to think that we were in Times Square just a few weeks a go! After the ball dropped in NYC, we danced along with the after party, and then got our noisemakers and sparkling juice ready to ring in the new year in the central time zone.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
We're cute!
We’re cute!


Once midnight passed, we took some pics and then had what was probably the best dance party I’ve ever had.  One solid hour of dancing (there’s video evidence).  We only stopped when some other friends came in about 1am, in the middle of Gangham Style.

Happy 2013 from two fabulous redheads!
Happy 2013 from two fabulous redheads!

Photo 2Photo 3

I had so much fun planning and hosting this party! I certainly need more dance parties in my life.

New Year’s Resolutions

This year, I came up with 12 different habits to start/challenges for the new year. I cut up some paper, wrote all twelve on a different piece and put them in a mason jar.  On the first of each month, I’ll pull one out! I let Mom draw today…

Photo 7I’m starting this one off by writing a thank you note to my grandmother for my Christmas gift.  I’m not sure yet who the other 11 will go to, but I can’t wait!



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