The training week that wasn’t

Over a week out, I’m thinking that my so-much-fun trail run wasn’t one of my better ideas.  Here’s a recap of this past week. Spoiler alert: Single-digit miles.

Monday: Usual rest day.  I saw Kayla that evening, and she had the beginnings of a cold.  No bueno!

Tuesday, I woke up, got dressed, and walked outside to the pouring rain.  I told Kayla to just go back to bed, because the rain would not have helped her cold. We didn’t try to get in an evening run, to give her more chance to get better.

Wednesday, I woke up, got dressed, and got a text from Kayla saying she needed another day to get over her sinus mess.  We talked about an evening run, but I had a Christmas party that night. (One of 5 last week!).  We decided to try for 4-5 on Thursday and 10-12 on Saturday.

Thursday: We finally made it up before the sun for our morning run! However, as soon as we got started, I realized that my lower left leg was still achey from my trail run, especially on the inside of my shin/calf area.  I dismissed the first 3 days as soreness, but when it still hurt Thursday, I got a little nervous.  We shuffled through three slow miles before calling it a day. After a little research, it sounds like a type of shin splints.  Since I really, really, really want to be able to race on Sunday, I’ve been icing and resting and taking ibuprofen ever since.  I may attempt a short run in the next few days, but I’m not sure.  I know we’ve put in the miles and the work to this point, so we’ll certainly be able to finish.  It’s just frustrating to not be able to have a solid training the week before race week!

My view lately. :(
My view lately. 😦

Friday: Rest, ice, rest.  Study, study, study.  Tacky Christmas party.

Abbie, Cat, and I having a Tacky Christmas!
Abbie, Cat, and I having a Tacky Christmas!

Saturday: Study, ice, rest, study, watch Elf (twice).  I didn’t change out of my pjs until 6pm, and only then because people were coming over to study.  This week is finals week, and I had two exams this morning.

Sunday: Church, study, ice, study, watch Elf for the third time.

Total miles: 3. 😦

We’re now 6 days from race day, so I’m hoping all the miles I’ve logged plus some adrenaline will carry me through.  Plus, I’ve got an awesome running buddy!


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