Thankful Thursday: It’s been a while!

I’ve found myself with some unusual downtime on this November Thursday.  I’m done volunteering at the hospital for this semester, so that opened a huge gap this afternoon, which I needed.  I spent the afternoon doing homework and icing my legs (and praying off shin splints!). Though my hair is done, it’s not quite time to pull on my dress for tonight’s banquet, so a Thankful Thursday it is!

I’m thankful for those shrieking, tackling hugs when you haven’t seen someone in a long time.  You know the ones I’m talking about. Hugs that are so tight you almost fall over, can’t breathe, and just warm your heart completely.  They’re my favorite!

I’m thankful for Christmas music.  Over here, it’s been Buble on repeat most of the time, with a little Train and Dave Barnes Christmas thrown in.

On repeat!

I really, really love Christmas music, but I only play it after Thanksgiving.  Christmas music reminds me of New York, quiet Christmas mornings, chilly nights going to see lights, and parties with friends and family.

I’m thankful to have one day of class left in this odd semester.  Between the hurricane, a bomb threat, and traveling, it’s been a strange semester that never really felt like it started.  And now it’s nearly over! After next week, I’ll be done with physics. 2 full semesters of physics is rough!

What are you thankful for today?



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