Week 10!

Whew, less than two weeks until race day now! It’s not too late to register if you want in on this sure-to-be-fun, all-women’s race. Click here to register and use code RPAMelanie for a discount.  Here’s the recap of Week 10 of training:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles at our “walk and talk” pace.

Wednesday: Kayla had already gone home for the holiday, so it was up to me to run when I wanted.  I got a slow start, but managed to squeak out 4 miles before time to shower.

Thursday: I started off with the Turkey Trot 5k, then walked another 3 miles with my mom after dinner, for a total of 6 miles for the day.

Friday: “Rest.” I went Black Friday shopping, and Mom’s FitBit logged 5.5 miles of walking.  Not that’s some serious shopping!

Saturday: 11 miles along the Red River.  At the 2.5 mile mark, I dropped down to the barely-there trail and spent the next 5 miles bobbing and weaving and hoping I didn’t get too lost.  I had such a blast! My pace was slow, but I’ll chalk that up to making sure I didn’t fall on my face (which nearly happened multiple times). It was a great run, and I hope to run on the trails more often!

Total: 24 miles! I’m getting super excited for race day!


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