Thanksgiving Week

I must say that major universities don’t seem to be huge fans of holidays.  LSU held class until 1230 on Wednesday of last week.  Last year, I was able to skip out Tuesday afternoon because I didn’t have anything of importance on Wednesday.  This year, I had a paper due in my 10:30 class on Wednesday morning.  It was my only class of the day (the other two were canceled), so I slept in some, and then packed before printing my paper to turn in.  Since I’m such a rebel (ha!), I just turned in my paper and didn’t stay for the lecture. I think writing 7 pages on Shakespeare and the supernatural was all the Shakespeare my mind could handle.  I got on the road about noon, and made it home by 3:30.  I could tell there were more people on the road, but didn’t hit any major traffic. Then this happened:


My sister finally called me a little later, to tell me to meet her and Mom at Target.  They sure know the way to my heart, since Target is basically my favorite place ever.

Wednesday evening, my sister helped me with some Christmas crafting.  Here’s a teaser:

Thursday started off bright and early with Jorg (my family’s exchange student) and I headed to the local Turkey Trot! He’s just starting soccer season, and I needed a 3-mile run that morning anyway, so it worked out great.  The run was advertised as a trail run, but only the last 0.70 mile was on an actual trail. This was the 25th annual Sportspectrum Turkey Trot, with an estimated 2500 people in attendance.  No one was timed, and the winners were simply the first male and female to cross the finish line.  I certainly like this no pressure type race.  My only complaint was that the race bottle-necked pretty badly on the transition from the road to the trail.  To get to the trail, you had to cross a single person-wide footbridge.  I stood still for 2-3 minutes waiting to cross, and still managed a pretty great finish time.

I sported my RunPink ambassador shirt for the race!

I caught part of the Macy’s parade after showering, then helped Mom finish getting ready for family to come.  Both sides of my family come to our house for Thanksgiving. This year, for the first time in a long time, we were only missing a couple family members.  We had the most people we’ve had in years.  We also had more food than we knew what to do with! I filled one plate of regular food, which I ended up not finishing.  The desserts are what really got me – we had at least 6 different types.  I spent hours visiting with family, a time that I really cherish.

Some highlights of the day:
-My youngest cousin, who we call B, now calls me Melly.  It’s the cutest thing, and comes out more like “Mel-lay,” a little like Forest Gump would say it.
-My sister doing the “needle and thread” test on our very pregnant cousin to determine whether she’s having a girl or boy.  We already know it’s a boy, which made it even funnier.  Also, our cousin is deathly afraid of needles and kept flinching.  My sister’s conclusion of the test results: “undetermined.”  Ha!
-Some of my family members reactions to my nose piercing.  One aunt likes it, another shook her head before saying it was alright, and my grandpa asking if I had to take on a second job to pay for my car insurance (my mom’s original threat when I asked to have it done).  I’m pretty sure the rest of my family didn’t even notice!

Thursday night, we started telling Jorg about Black Friday shopping.  My mom, Jorg, and I spread out the sale papers and made our lists.  We aren’t hardcore, so we don’t start shopping until Friday morning, but always have a lot of fun with it.  The three of us joined my childhood friend, Whitney, and her mom.  We shop with them every year, and haven’t missed a Black Friday in at least a decade.  We started about 6am on Friday, starting in Bossier (at Target) and going into Shreveport after lunch, before finishing the day at “the Redneck store,” as Jorg calls BassPro.  We filled the back end of my car and ran into lots of friends. I was able to get most of my Christmas shopping taken care of, which is always a plus!

Friday ended with a dinner date with Whitney and our friend Baillie. The three of us grew  up together, but now live in three different cities. It was a “good for the soul” time for us to catch up!

Saturday consisted of sleeping in, a long run along the Red River, a third trip to Target, and some more Christmas crafting.  (When I’m home, I like to pretend homework doesn’t exist).  Here’s another teaser:

Can’t wait to give these!

As much as this season is about giving, I think it’s also about creating.  Making gifts for family and friends is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

I drove back to Baton Rouge Sunday afternoon with Michael Buble Christmas on repeat, and put out a few decorations for Christmas.  I picked up this guy at a thrift store last year, and I think he’s my favorite:

Mr. Penguin is ready for finals!

I hope that your Thanksgiving break is as great as mine was!






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