Week 9 of Training: One Wacky Week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles in 36:40.  It was so cold! My eyes watered like crazy before we even started, and all I could think about was going home to take a hot shower.

Wednesday: Rest. I had two exams and didn’t plan to get to bed early enough to be able to run early Weds morning.

Thursday: Rest. Kayla had to go out of town early that morning, so we didn’t get to run. I took the opportunity to sleep until 7am and it was great!

Friday: 5 miles in 57:30.

Saturday: 3 miles in 36:44. We walked a little bit because my feet were hurting me some. I think this was due to being on my feet for a long time on Friday.

Sunday: 10k (6.2 miles) in 1:07:57.  We finished this run with a 10:58 overall pace, our best yet for a longer run.  If we can keep up the pace we held for the last few miles of that run, we’re well on our way to a sub-2:30 half! Here’s the splits for the 10k:


I’m starting to get pretty excited about the upcoming race! When race day comes, it means finals are over, and I’m at the beginning of Christmas break.


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