Week 8 of Training!

Hello mid-November! I have no idea where the semester is going.  In the next month, I’ll finish this semester (5th one!) and run my second half! Here’s the breakdown for last week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest.  This isn’t usually a rest day, but we had some logistical issues, so I slept in until 6 instead.

Wednesday: 3 miles in 42:36. I don’t really remember this run, but we must not have actually run much.

Thursday: 5 mile pace run in 57:25, for an overall pace of 11:28.

Friday: 2.4 miles at our “walk-and-talk” pace.

Saturday: 10 miles in 1:53:05. That was the moving time however; elapsed time was 2:08.  This was the first time we’ve had to stop both to stretch some achey calves and to use the bathroom.  Not the best long run, but we got the miles in and held a solid pace for the majority of it.

10-mile long run!

Sunday: Rest

This week was an “eh” week.  We’re less than four weeks away from race day now, so adrenaline will start to kick in soon.  I’m glad I have already committed to run this race, because this is the point in the semester when I would generally slack off on the exercise. Now I have good reason to make time to exercise while studying for finals!

*I updated the “Been There, Raced That” page!


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