A Fun Survey!

I came across a fun survey on Tina’s blog, and thought it would be a neat thing to do before I dive into my textbooks for the rest of the weekend.  Here goes!

Last Chance Survey!

Last food you ate: 

A 100-calorie pack of Quaker rice cakes in apple cinnamon! It was a yummy mid-morning snack.

Last beverage you drank:

Water.  It’s pretty much all I drink. My green bottle is sitting on my desk right now!

Last workout:

A little over 2 chilly miles this morning with Kayla! We’re one month away from our half, and ready for our 10-mile long run tomorrow.

Last thing you pinned: 


I pinned this idea of using rhinestones to glitz up plastic forks.  I’m planning a New Year’s Eve party, so this went on the board for that!

Last text message you sent:

“Yes yes yes!” to Madeline about my excitement that she is in town for the football game this weekend!

Last blog you visited:

Peanut Butter Fingers! I enjoy reading her recipes and travel and exercise stories!

Last tweet you sent:


What can I say, I’m a Grandma Yetta fan! (From the show The Nanny, if you’re unfamiliar)

Last place you visited:

Physics class. Please don’t ask what we talked about, because I have no idea. There was a lightbulb involved.

Last time you did ab workout:

Wayyy too long ago.

Last show you watched:

Bada Bling on TLC.  They’ve expanded Bride Day to include Thursday night and all day Friday. Holla for being a single gal watching it when I’m working!

Last thing you baked: 

I just put a batch of chocolate chip muffins in the oven, and before that it was two-ingredient pumpkin spice cookies with creme cheese icing.

Last thing you Instagrammed:

Is this how you wear it?

This “awkward family photo” from last weekend’s tailgate. I love my silly friends!

Last thing on your to-do list today: 

Work on a PowerPoint presentation for class. Thrilling, I know!

While this was fun, I do plan to get back to Thankful Thursday before too long.  I certainly have plenty to be thankful for!


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