Week 7 of Training!

We’ve had beautiful weather here in Baton Rouge this week, but still on the warmer side of things.  This week flew by (they all really d0), and we had some great runs! Here’s the breakdown of the week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles in 36:01.  We walked a half-mile in the middle, running the first and last miles in 11:07 and 10:20, respectively.

Wednesday: 5 miles in 56:05.  We walked the first quarter mile and ran the rest, for an 11:13 overall pace.  I’m pretty proud of that! Fun story for Weds morning: I have class at 730, so I showered at the Rec Center to save time.  As I was putting on my tights after showering, my boss comes around the corner, on her way to shower.  We had a nice little chat that wasn’t nearly as awkward as it could have been!

Thursday: Rest.  Kayla woke up feeling ill, so I went back to bed until 7am.  It was glorious!

Friday: 3 miles in 36:21.  We walked about a half-mile in the middle, and ran the rest.  I think we both held back a little, knowing that Saturday morning held a long run.

Saturday: 9 miles in 1:44:22.


We walked the first quarter-mile, and took a second walk break in Mile 3. We ran the last six miles without stopping, which we were pretty proud of! I’m liking this pace and these splits A LOT. Saturday was a big game day here in Baton Rouge, so we ran really early to have time to shower before tailgating and getting in line at the student gates.  Word had kinda gotten around our friend group of how early and how much we’ve been running lately, so we had to show off a little at the tailgate…

Look at dem calves.

Sunday: I took my study materials to my complex’s fitness center and got on the stationary bike for 45 minutes to work out some of the soreness in my legs.

Total: 20 miles!!




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