Runner Swag Swap!

Several weeks ago, Katie at katieRUNSthis hosted a runner swag swap.  You email her your mailing information, and she matches you up with another runner.  You send them a package full of fun runner swag (with a $30 limit and a Halloween theme!), and they send you the same.  I got matched with Julie, over at SweetlyBalanced.  I had so much fun putting her package together! Since she lives up in New York, I don’t know if she’s gotten it yet, so I won’t tell what I put in it. (I forgot to take a picture anyway.) I’ll be sure to share when she gets it!

I got my package from her today though! It was full of fun running swag.

My package goodies!

There was a Halloween card to go with the theme. She sent me a Vanilla Almond Luna bar, which I’m excited to try! I’ve never had a Luna bar before.  I also got some BodyGlide and a reflective wristband, which will be perfect for my Tigercard and car key.  The last thing in my fun package was some Asics gloves with a fun feature:

The fingers have the boroughs of New York on them! It does occasionally get cold enough for gloves here in Louisiana, so these will certainly come in handy!

Thanks Julie! This swap was fun, and I’m glad to have a new running friend in New York!


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