Week 6 of Training

Nothing terribly exciting about this week of training.  I had a few (ok, 3/4) mornings where I had to really talk myself out of bed and to the lakes for a run.  It helps that I have a super-reliable running partner that I know expects me to show up.  This week was a taper-down week, and brought us to the halfway point of training.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles in 40:50.

Wednesday: 3 miles in 32:08 (10:43 pace).  This was supposed to be our 4-mile pace run day, but we didn’t have time for 4 miles.  We decided to switch Wednesday and Thursday, and attempt both days at half marathon pace.  This was a morning that I really was NOT  feeling like running, but it turned out to be one of our best runs to date.

Thursday: 4 miles in 45:15 (11:17 overall pace) We finished the first two miles in 11:32 and 11:49, then the second two in 11:10 and 10:32.  The first two miles are always the hardest for me – if I can get past that point, I’m good to go! We normally would go into the UREC on Thursday mornings for arms and abs, but I’ve had to forgo that in favor of getting my MCAT prep in for the day. (You read that right – I’m studying to take the MCAT in January!)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 5k (3.1 miles) in 36:04. Once again, we got past that yucky 2-mile mark, and ran the last mile at a 10:27 pace, and the last 0.10 in a 10:00 pace.

Total: 13.1 miles.

This week goes back to high-mileage running.  It’s also Bama week here in Tigerland, as well as Halloween, so it’s shaping up to be quite an interesting week! Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement!


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