Wear a Dress Wednesday

What? A no-pressure fun event! To participate, all you do is wear a dress (or skirt) each Wednesday! Wear a Dress Wednesday is an idea stolen borrowed from some of my friends at Northwestern State University.  They mentioned doing it last spring, and I thought it sounded like fun, so I started a Facebook event for LSU BCM girls, but it’s grown!

Who? Ladies anywhere and everywhere! The event on Facebook now has 86 “attendees” from all over the country, plus a few that aren’t on Facebook, like my boss.

When? Each Wednesday, to class or work or where ever it is you normally go!

Why? I jumped on this and wanted to share it for many reasons.  First and foremost, it’s fun! I’m actually wearing all the clothes in my closet, and not just saving dresses for church or special occasions.  Second, wearing a dress really makes you feel like a lady.  And when you look like a classy lady, you get treated like a classy lady.  I decided it was time to encourage the girls around me (and remind myself) to embrace femininity and ditch the Nike shorts for just one day every week.

How’s it going? It’s taken off more than I could have imagined! The guys around me see me on Wednesdays and say, “Oh! It’s Wear a Dress Wednesday! Nice dress!” Girls will see me on campus during the week and say, “Mel! I’m wearing a dress this Weds!” My boss has started wearing dresses on Wednesday, and encourages the other girls in my lab to do the same.  For a science lab, where we deal with a lot of yucky stuff and have to wear close-toed shoes, it’s a big deal! Also, as I mentioned above, I like that I’m actually wearing all my clothes.  When I first started, I really didn’t think I had that many dresses. Well, we’re nine weeks in and I haven’t repeated yet.  I also get to be a little creative – adding belts, scarves, and leggings to make dresses work for class and with close-toed shoes. I’m excited about getting to experiment with tights, boots, and jackets as the weather changes. Dressing up on Wednesday has also given me the courage to wear nicer clothes the other days of the week! (Don’t tell, but I’m kinda starting to feel like a grown-up – almost!).

You may have missed it today, but please jump on in next week! If you take a picture, the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram is #WaDW! You can also follow me on Twitter @melbelle67 or Instagram @melcwatt. Please share your stories! Do you feel extra fancy wearing a dress, or is it not a big deal? Do those around you treat you differently when you’re wearing a dress? Does this even sound like something you would participate in?


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