Week 5 of Training: Running in Quicksand

Week 5 was a rough one.  We’ve passed the halfway point of the semester and nearly hit the halfway point of training.  During all of our weekday runs, we just had a hard time getting going.  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles in 39:23.  We found our groove at the end and ran the last mile in 10:16, however.

Wednesday: 4 miles in 51:23. We were on-again, off-again and ran the second mile in 10:58 and the fourth mile in 10:20.

Thursday: 3 miles in 40:26.  The first mile was 11:29 and the last mile was 10:42, with the middle mile being a walk-and-talk mile.  I was really surprised to see those numbers for the first and last miles, because my legs felt 1000 pounds each, and every step was like running through quicksand.  We had plans for an arms and abs circuit in the University Rec Center after our run, but once we got in there and stretched, we called it quits.  Poor Kayla looked like a sad, tired little puppy.  She went back to her dorm to bed, and I came back to have a slow morning of getting ready.

Friday: Rest.  We may not have earned it, but we sure needed it.

Saturday: I was home in Shreveport for the weekend, so I signed up for the Autumn Breeze 5k and 10k.  My mom decided to sign up too, and then Jorg’s cross country meet got canceled, so their team ran it too.  The race is one of the oldest in Shreveport, and the only one where you get a sweatshirt.  Jorg and I ran the 10k, and mom walked the 5k.  The 10k was two loops of the 5k route, and was in a very hilly part of town.  My quads were working overtime to get through the race.  My original goal was 1:06, for an 11 min pace, but I didn’t factor in those hills.  I finished with a chip time of 1:08:44, which is right over an 11min pace.  I was more than satisfied with that!

Jorg, Mom, and Me after the race!

My training plan called for 8 miles, so I ran another 1.87 around the neighborhood when we got home.  I managed to do all that and shower before the 11 am kickoff of the LSU vs. A&M game. (In which LSU woke up in the 2nd quarter and won. Geaux Tigers!)

Sunday: Rest and travel back to BR.

Total for the week: 18.06 miles.

Week 6 is a taper down week, calling for only 13 miles total.  (I never thought I would say “only” to a 13-mile week!)


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