Last week, my “weekend” started on Thursday night.  Some friends and I had tickets to see NEEDTOBREATHE at the River Center downtown.  Last year, they played at a small venue right off campus, so the change to the River Center was a big one.  Words cannot describe how great the concert was! Drew Holcomb and Parachute opened the concert.  I only kind of knew those bands before, but I really like them now, especially Drew Holcomb.  He normally performs as Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors with his wife and band, but she is 8 months pregnant so he was touring alone.  (Cue an “Aww!” from the audience!). He had a good deal going on his CDs (3 for $20), so I went to buy them after the concert.  We looked next to the table and there he was! There was only one person in line, so we stepped over and got our picture taken and CDs autographed.

Lindsay, Drew Holcomb, Kelsea, and me!

I didn’t think NEEDTOBREATHE could get any better than last year, but they did.  I think the 4-part harmony acoustic song they did was my absolute favorite part.  Emily and I sang every song we knew at the top of our lungs, and had such a blast! It was also exciting to see lots of people I knew at the concert.  All the typical BCM crowd was there, and seemed to be sitting around us.

Selfie shots are obviously the best thing to to when you have time to kill between performances.
Found these scrogglins on the row in front of us!



If you aren’t a NEEDTOBREATHE fan, you should be. Here’s their YouTube channel: NEEDTOBREATHEVIDEO. I really hope they come back to Baton Rouge again next year!


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