Week 4 of Training!

It’s hard to believe that 4 weeks of training have passed! Our total mileage is getting high, and stretching is becoming more important than it used to be.  I’m also loving having a consistent running partner.  Getting up before the sun is a lot easier when you know someone is waiting on you! Here’s the breakdown of the week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3ish miles.  My Garmin died after .75 of a mile, so we just went to our usual 1.5 mile point and turned around. We almost had a head-on collision with a bike (I blame him!). I must have gone to bed too late the night before, because after I showered and ate breakfast, I took a good little nap before going to work.

Wednesday: 4 miles in 42:53! (10:42 pace). This was our pace run for the week, and we nailed it! It was hard, but not as hard as our first pace run.  I can tell I’m getting stronger, which is super exciting!

Me and Kayla!

Thursday: 3 miles in 41:20.  We headed into the University Recreation Center after our run for stretching and an arms/abs workout.  I introduced Kayla to the foam roller, and I’m pretty sure her looks of combined pain and relief meant that she was grateful.  We went from there into a circuit, with lots of planks and some weight lifting.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 7 miles in 1:23:20.  Saturday was game day here in Tiger country, so we decided a loop through all the tailgates and must-see spots on campus was necessary. Some Cajun men offered us a drink, and we saw Tiger Stadium, the Shaq statue, Mike the Tiger’s habitat (he was still sleeping), and made a loop around the upper deck of the PMAC.  Mile 3 brought us back to our usual running path, the LSU lakes.  We looped the smaller lake and most of the bigger lake before ending up where we started.

Our game day path!

Total mileage: 17 miles!


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