Week 3 of Training!

Later this week, I’ll have information about an awesome opportunity I was presented with in relation to the Woman’s Half! For now, here’s how training went this week:

Monday: Rest!

Tuesday: 3 late-evening miles in 35:30.  It was strange to run at night, when there were lots of people and cars out!

Wednesday: 4 early-morning miles in 50:01.  Running this less than 12 hours after our last run was a challenge!

Thursday: 3 miles at recovery pace.  We’ve just decided to designate these as “walk-and-talk” days!

Friday: Rest/Cross training.  I went on a little kayaking adventure with my friend Cat, and got a bit of an upper-body workout from that. (As well as some strange bumps and bruises!)

Saturday: 6 miles in 1:15:21. The weather here in Louisiana has been gorgeous, and there were lots of people out running, walking, and cycling the lakes. We recovered after the long run with fresh smoothies from the farmer’s market downtown.

Sunday: Another much-needed rest day! When I got out of bed, my feet were a little sore. This was probably a combination of running and bowling/dancing late into the wee hours of the morning…

Total: 16.01 miles!

Goals for this week: Shortening walk breaks!


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