Week 2 of Training!

Another week of training in the books! Here’s the rundown:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles in 36:06

Wednesday: Rest/Cross Train.  I did arms and abs circuits from Pinterest!

Thursday: 3 miles in 32:44.  The plan called for a “pace” run, meaning to hold the pace that you want to run the half in.  We aimed for a 10:50 pace, and ended up with just over. Fine with me! Kayla and I are normally chatty during runs, but we didn’t speak at all during this. We both admitted that after it was a tough run, with the good kind of ache in our legs.

Friday: 2.64 miles at a recovery pace.  We had to make up for not chatting the day before, and got a little too chatty.  Our legs got a good shake-out though!

Saturday: Rest/LSU football and tailgating.  I didn’t actually go to the game this week (Where is Towson anyway?) but I helped host the BCM tailgate.

Sunday: 4.75 miles in 1:00. The rain was coming down hard when I woke up, but we needed to get the miles in this morning.  The skies cleared up by the time we started out, so we had decent weather.  5 miles was on the plan, but we had to cut things short so we wouldn’t be late for church.  It’s rained the rest of the day, so we picked the perfect time to run!

Total: 13.4 miles!

Goals for next week: going the full distance each day and shortening walk breaks to 2 minutes!

10 weeks to go!


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