Thankful Thursday: Roomies, Running, and Snail Mail!

What a crazy week it’s been! I made a roundtrip to Nashville last Friday and Saturday(more to come soon), and then have just been going through normal school days ever since. Since yesterday was Wear a Dress Wednesday (also more on that to come), that means today is Thankful Thursday!

I’m thankful for friends who mail love. When I got home Saturday, I had a handwritten letter from Erica in North Carolina, and yesterday I had a package from my friend Madeline in Tennessee. I really love to send and receive mail, so these just made my week!

My Tennessee love!

My package had a Runner’s World mag, a note, a framed picture, a notebook, and a CD. Madeline knows me so well! The CD was full of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Josh Groban Christmas, and Alicia Keys. It’s my new driving and studying jam for sure!

I’m thankful for a friend who loves early morning runs. We have become the people that are finishing their workout as the LSU University Recreation Center is opening in the mornings, and I love it. My days start out with a burst of energy, and the runs are over before my mind really knows what’s going on.

I’m thankful for my roomies! The four of us are a lot alike, but different enough that we get along well. We share groceries and take turns doing the dishes and chores, and 1611 rarely has a day without lots of laughter.

I’m thankful the season is beginning to change. I love fall, because it means football, scarves, and Thanksgiving. It’s officially fall, and even feels like it some mornings.

As I leave you with this unrelated Pinterest gem, take a moment to think about what you’re thankful for today!


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