Week 1 of Training!

I’ve finished the first week of training for the Woman’s Half! I’ve found a lovely new running partner.  One of the freshman girls likes early morning running and runs at the same pace as me, so it works out perfect! Here’s what the plan called for this week: 3 miles each on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and 4 miles on Saturday.  Here’s what actually happened:

Tuesday: 3 early-morning miles around the LSU lakes in 35:30.

Wednesday: Another 3 early-morning miles around the lakes in 36:22.

Thursday: 2.25 miles in 27:57.  A blister on my foot and a rumbly tummy cut this run short.

Friday: Rest! This day was also spent at (and traveling to) a conference.

Saturday: 1.8 miles in 22:39.  This was around the Gaylord Opryland hotel, and the Grand Ole Opry.  There was supposed to be a 4-mile loop, but between time constraints and miscommunication, I ended up doing the 1.8.  My time included a lot of standing still taking pictures! I’ll have to remember to stop my watch next time I take pics.  More to come about this conference soon!

Reppin’ RunLa in TN!

Sunday: 4 miles in 49:48. Slow and steady wins finishes the race was my mindset for this one!

Total miles for the week: 14.05 miles! This was a good week 1, even though I had to be a little flexible. I need to keep a good eye on my nutrition and water intake, but now I’m really ready to tackle week 2!



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