My Next Big Race!

About a week after completing my first half-marathon last March, I was itching to run another one! School and summer took over, but when school started back, I began searching for another race to run. Enter Woman’s Half Marathon, put on by Woman’s Hospital here in Baton Rouge. The race is the weekend after fall finals, and doesn’t require any travel on my part.  After talking to one of her friends who has walked a half before, my mom decided that she was going to train and come down to do this race too!

Training: Last time, I used the 1/2 coach app on my iPhone.  It was great for what I needed then, but I’m not using it again.  This time, I’m working with the Hal Higdon Novice 2 program.  It has one more day per week of running and builds up to 12 miles instead of 10.  Now that I’ve got some experience, and a slightly higher fitness level, I think this is the perfect plan!

Fueling: This time, I’m also going to experiment with taking in food and drink during my longer runs.  Even during my last race, I’ve never had anything but water.  That may be what I end up doing, but I’ll just have to see!

I’ll be posting about some of my training here, and can’t wait to cross another finish line, and with my mama this time!


2 thoughts on “My Next Big Race!

  1. I am so proud! Some friends started training for a half in the spring. I plan on joining them I just haven’t really started yet.

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