Thankful Thursday: Freshman, Family, and Remembering 9/11.

The weeks continue to fly by, even though the days seem long. I’ll be honest, the days lately have been ordinary. Good, ordinary days. God’s love and grace and blessings are still evident in the ordinary days, and I’m just trying to enjoy it! So here’s what I’m thankful for today:

I’m thankful for a successful Freshman Retreat! Anyone who knows about BCM trips knows that they are rarely without a mild hitch. Last Friday, we took a group of 50+ freshmen to an old home in southern Mississippi. I was with the early group, to set up, and there was a larger, later group. My group left about 45 mins later than planned, which was about what I expected. We made a quick stop for some extra groceries, but got there with plenty of daylight left. The later group got in about an hour after us, and the fun really began! We had dinner, then some ice breaker games, then went to a little church in Norwood, La, for worship and small group time. We had s’mores around a bonfire after, and headed back to BR early the next morning. Everyone seemed to have a good time!

I felt a little like a mother hen when I woke up all the “children” for breakfast.

I’m thankful for photos! My dear friend Madeline has been going through her photos from our freshman year and sending me gems through the week. We were a little wild and a little strange, which makes for some hilarious pics to look back on! Here’s a few of my faves:

Late nights on LSU’s campus…
Yes, that’s me, after SplatterBeat. No, I don’t know whose hand that is!
Jules and Madeline! This is in my dorm room. We spent a lot of time there, and in my dorm kitchen.

I’m thankful that my family is coming to visit this weekend. I hadn’t planned on spending a week at home for the hurricane, so my family had planned a few weekends to visit during the semester.  It will be our exchange student’s first major American football game, and he is in for a treat! I will have to study a lot before and after, but it will be worth it to visit with them for the weekend.

I’m thankful to be an American. When the world stopped turning that September day 11 years ago, our lives changed forever.  I was nine, in Ms. Jones 4th grade class. She wasn’t there that day, and there was a lot of confusion.  My mom was crying when she picked me up from daycare, and I remember watching the news clips repeatedly that evening.  I think it was a few years before I really understood the impact of it all, but I know in that moment we were Americans. Americans who needed God. The churches were bursting at the seams the Sunday after the attacks, and troops immediately sprang into action.  They haven’t really stopped since.  9/11 was my first glimpse into the terrible things that the world could hold. All this kind of rambles together, but I will say that it was the event that has shaped my generation. Yes, there are a lot of negative things happening with the economy and politics right now, but I am still thankful, proud, and blessed to be an American.

LSU Parade Grounds, 9/11/12

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