Thankful Thursday: Hurricane Isaac Edition!

I’ve been home in North La since Monday night, waiting on this Hurricane/Tropical Strom to pass over Baton Rouge. As the storm hits this area tonight, I’ve been listening to the rain, and getting all caught up on homework.  There’s no better week to bring back Thankful Thursday!

I’m thankful that I got to wait out the storm at home. When it was announced that classes were canceled, I had a few options. I’m glad I chose to come on home, because it’s been a longer “hurrication” than originally planned.  I wasn’t going to be able to come home until mid-October, so this was an pleasantly unexpected trip home.  Now if only school could be canceled every time I’m starting to get homesick…

Last night’s sunset, before ole Isaac rolled in.

I’m thankful I had someone to travel home with me! The last push to come all the way home was when my friend Catherine agreed to ride with me.  We expected the trip to take much longer than usual, but it didn’t, thankfully!  I usually make the drive alone, so it was nice to have someone to talk with, about life, and school and how the Good Morning song is appropriate anytime of day.

Cat and me!

(Catherine, why is our most recent pic months old? Let’s change this!)

I’m thankful that my apartment didn’t suffer any damage. My apartment in Baton Rouge is on the first floor in a low-lying area, just a few miles from the Mississippi River. We were a little worried, so everything was picked up off the ground before we left on Monday.  I got word today that all is well there! A big relief.  A lot of the towns in southeast Louisiana suffered some major damage and flooding, so we were in the lucky ones.

I’m thankful that now I’m caught up on school work! I’ll be honest, I probably would not have read all 50+ of my assigned Shakespearean sonnets if I hadn’t had these few days to do nothing but school work.  I’m caught up in every class, and even ahead in a few.  (I’m also pretending physics doesn’t exist.) Since our fall break has now been canceled, it’s probably a good thing that I’m this prepared to jump into the rest of the semester!

The Complete Pelican Shakespeare. Every bookworm’s dream!

I’m thankful for Pinterest! It’s no secret that my love of Pinterest is right up there with my love of Target.  My sister and our foreign exchange student, Jorg,  were both out of school today.  My mom texted me this morning and told me to pick a Pinterest recipe for Jorg and I to make today.  So, I picked 3.  We made French bread pizza, peanut butter cup brownies, and peanut butter chocolate chip muffins.  We used two bags of chocolate chips and nearly a jar of peanut butter, so you know it was all yummy!

Stop drooling! (These are the peanut butter cup brownies. They’re so rich, you can only eat half of one!)

Take a minute and think about what you’re thankful for today! Stay dry if you’re still in Isaac’s path.



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