6,674 miles

That’s (approximately) how many miles I traveled since taking final exams in May. I traveled by car, bus, and plane to various states and countries. This summer was one of my favorite by far. New friends, old friends, family time, loving on babies, craft days, learning from campers, and so much more made this one unforgettable summer. As a recap, here’s where all I went:

NICA2012! (3,126 miles in the air!) Two weeks spent in Nicaragua on a medical mission trip with International Service Learning.  Many more miles were spent on the Nica roads, but I didn’t even begin to add those up! Read about it here: Oh, The Places I’ve Been.

Gulf Shores with my family! (886 miles) We spent the week relaxing on the beach, catching some throwed rolls at Lambert’s, and a little bit of shopping! We also celebrated my 20th birthday there!

A Gulf Shores sunset!

Camp Fuego! After a short break, I headed south to Eunice, LA (418 miles) for Weeks 1 and 2 of camp. Read about my lessons learned from those two weeks here: Redemption and Restoration.

DG 20!

The weekend between weeks 1 and 2, I made a quick trip to Crowley (19.8 miles) and Baton Rouge (79.8 miles) to hang out with my roomies and a few other friends I hadn’t seen in a while! I stayed until the very last minute, and barely made it back to camp for staff meeting at the beginning of Week 2! (84.2 miles back to camp!)

JacobAllen LOVES putt-putt!

After spending the week of the 4th at home with the fam, I packed my bags again and drove west to Camp Bethany for Weeks 3 and 4 of Camp Fuego! (Two trips between home and Bethany for 153.2 miles) The last two weeks of camp were nothing short of amazing, and you can read my sort-of summary about it here: MOVE: Fuego 2012.

New friends and old friends!

After a weekend home from camp, I went with my parents to meet some family friends in Arlington, TX, for a Rangers baseball game. We (ok, I) did some vintage thrift shopping, and we went to Whole Foods. It was a fun, quick trip to Texas! (446 miles)

Later that week, Anna and I made a day-trip down to the alligator farm in Natchitoches! We met some of my LSU friends. (136 miles)

Gator farm!

The next weekend, I made a last-minute trip to BR to surprise Eddy and Erica at their going away party! (530 miles) I’m glad I got to see them before they left for NC!

After that, I made 3-day trip to Baton Rouge a few days later to move all of my stuff back into my apartment, and get things ready for the semester.  (530 miles)

I was home for 9 days, the longest stretch in months, then it was time to return to Baton Rouge for the semester (265 miles). That last drive south marked the end of my summer. And what a wild, adventurous, beautiful, and blessed summer it was!


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