MOVE: Fuego 2012

Well, I never meant to take this long of a break from blogging! After the last two weeks of camp, I knew that anything I wrote probably wouldn’t make any sense. I finished up Weeks 3 and 4 of Camp Fuego in mid-July, and it’s almost an understatement to say that God shook me to my core.  I always go into camp praying that I can impact students’ lives, teach them a life lesson. How wrong I am! I think I end up learning more than I teach, both from them and the speakers.  It’s taken me more than two weeks to really reflect and organize my thoughts about what I learned this summer.

MOVE: Fuego 2012

First and foremost, God absolutely blesses our obedience.  On four specific occasions, I could feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to an action.  My sinful flesh initially resisted each time, but I obeyed. And WOW.  It was as if I had been blind to the needs of others, and my eyes were opened as soon as I obeyed. With that said, I also learned to beware of the Enemy.  At one point in the summer, I felt caught in the middle of a battle, with the devil preying on my exhaustion. Being in tune with the Holy Spirit made me aware of the battle, and I turned to this verse in Exodus: You need only be still and the Lord will fight for you (14:14).  Sometimes, an action is needed, but other times we need only to be still.

Fuego Staff, Week 3!

A goal I had going into the summer was to work harder on deeper relationships with staffers and students.  I’m pretty good at surface friendships – knowing a little about a lot of people.  Where I lack is really knowing and connecting with people to form long-lasting friendships.  The biggest hurdle to this was learning to shut up and listen! Knowing and doing are two very different things, and it took a conscious effort on my part to be constantly aware of how much I was talking versus listening.  I think I can mark this goal as accomplished.  In an effort to really get to know some of the staff, I’ve realized just how much I really like people.  I love getting to know their hearts, and what makes them tick. I got to see some beautiful hearts this summer, simply because I made the effort to shut up and listen.

You never know where you’ll meet a new friend!

Another lesson learned? LAUGH. During the school year, I get so caught up in getting from one place to the next on time that I forget to slow down to dance and laugh.  There was certainly plenty of laughter this summer! From tutus to yoga to dancing like a fool, I laughed.  And it was so good for my soul!

I wish I could go on, but I’m having a difficult time putting into words all that God taught me this summer.  The break from blogging was good, and I think I’ll be back more regularly now.  Camp Fuego 2012 was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful that I was able to work all 4 weeks.  I made so many new friends, with both the staff and students.  Only God could have orchestrated the events of camp this summer, and my God is so good.  As a volunteer staff, the exact makeup of the staff changes from week to week. God put together the exact team of people we needed for each week of campers.  Some of the staff were more like me, and others very different, but each were there for a very specific reason.  One of the coolest things to me is that God didn’t NEED me and everyone else – He could have still worked miracles through any random group of 50 believers. But He ALLOWED us to help Him out, to play a part in His story.  For that, I am humbled.

Barely MOVE-ing, 4 weeks later.

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