Halfway there, living on a prayer!

As of 6:15pm last Friday night, I’m officially done with my second year of college!

Thursday night, I got Thai food with a friend, and then we went to the finals week flash rave in the quad. Our “raves” are always entertaining – they last for exactly 15 minutes, and then the music stops and everyone leaves. LSU PD is on hand for any mishaps, but people pretty much obey the rules. We didn’t have one in the fall, but someone brought it back for this semester. Spotted this year: A gorilla in jorts, Gumby, Batman, an American flag, a little “GEAUX TIGERS,” and several scared freshmen.

Friday, Madeline and I “studied” for our Spanish final. Neither of us needed very high grades, and that pretty much killed our motivation. Our day consisted of helping Julie move out, having a 2-hour long lunch with Erica, and listening to Kari Jobe’s Spanish album. It was nice to not have to be super-stressed about a final! After I took my test, I met the roomies at Bonefish Grill, this fancy restaurant. We had a dinner to celebrate surviving one more year of college – and our first year living in an apartment.

Friday night I packed up my life, and then drove home Saturday morning. When I’m at home, I can finally take a deep breath again, but it gets a little harder to drive away from Baton Rouge each time. I’ve certainly become a little more attached to LSU than I thought I would. This year was rough academically, but so covered in lessons and blessings from God. I learned from teachers, friends, mentors, 7th grade girls, and many others. I made so many new friends, had some crazy adventures, blogged through the entire semester, and used the word “I” entirely too much!

I said several goodbyes in the last week. It’s always necessary, but never easy. Some friends I’ll see again in August, but for some it will be longer. For everything there is a season, and I’m excited to see these friends start on their new season in life. I’m thankful for blogs/Facebook/Twitter to be able to keep in touch!

It’s still a little surreal that two years have passed since I graduated high school. I can only hope that the next two years are more amazing than the last. I hope they’re full of just as many crazy adventures, but also more of the quiet moments when God’s heart is revealed through another person, or through His word, or through the Big Dipper on display over the lights of the city.

So with my second year in the books, I’m looking forward to whatever else LSU can throw my way! (And Tiger football isn’t so bad either :))


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