Mother’s Day 2012

My mama is a big fan of fresh fruit, so I stopped at our favorite produce stand, Po’ Folks Produce, just outside of BR on my way home Saturday.  I got strawberries and blueberries.  (I did eat some of the blueberries on the way – it’s a long drive!) I also got her a card, and told her she was “Berry Awesome.” Not exactly original, but heartfelt.  We had fancy dinner at my house with my grandmother on Saturday night. Fancy dinner = nice plates, real glasses, and we all eat at the same time.

Sunday morning, we went to church.  On top of celebrating my wonderful mama, I got to see the village of mamas that knew me growing up. They didn’t know I was in town, so it was a nice surprise!

We didn’t actually manage to get a picture of the whole family, or even one of my sister and me with our mom, but she did get some shots of us!

One of my favorites! It sums up our relationship and personalities pretty well.

Yes, I am aware that my sister and I don’t look anything alike.  If it weren’t for our last name, most people wouldn’t know that we are related.  Here’s a “cute” one:


I know I’m not a fashionista or fashion blogger, but I like when other bloggers do this, so here goes:

What we’re wearing: On me: top, H&M; skirt, Vertigo Clothing; belt, borrowed from mom; sandals, Shoe Dept; bangles, gift brought from India. On Olivia: dress, Rue 21.

We went to lunch at Johnny’s Pizza, as Daddy’s treat.  Mom’s one request was to go as a family to the movies, so we went to see The Avengers.  I’m a big fan of superhero movies, but this one was even better than I expected!

I know my mama was glad to have me home with her this weekend, and I was certainly glad to be here.  I hope you got to spend mother’s day with your mom, or someone who mothered you!


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