Thankful Thursday: Snocones, Chopsticks, and Pedicures!

Can someone please ask time to slow down a little? I’m so not ready for finals. I’m also not ready to say any goodbyes, but that won’t be coming for a little over a week. With that, it’s Thankful Thursday time!

I’m thankful that lab finals are during dead week! “Dead week” here at LSU means that you can’t have major exams or projects or any meetings. However, finals for any sort of lab are held this week, and for that, I am grateful. I cannot fathom having six finals next week. No sir. Four is plenty.

I’m thankful for snocone dates on hot afternoons! Erica and I played tag all week and kept missing each other, but this afternoon we finally caught up and went to get snocones.  It seems like summer is here to stay, so what better way to celebrate the (almost) end of classes than delicious snocones and some good conversation? I’m so thankful for her friendship!

Cotton Candy + Green Apple = YUM

I’m thankful for the International Student ministry at the BCM.  This semester, I started hanging out at the International Student dinner every Monday night.  I can’t believe I didn’t discover this amazing ministry earlier!  The International Ministries Team is an amazing and hardworking group that does so much. Each week, the team cooks dinner, and then just share in fellowship and English conversation during dinner. They took students camping, bowling, to the zoo, to Atlanta, and so many other events that I can’t name them all.  I have discovered that I really like spending time with the International students and learning more about their culture and beliefs.

Atlanta 2012!

Sharon and Eddy, the team leaders, put together these cute little gifts for everyone that came to International Dinners! It was fun little treats from different places – real deal chopsticks, Japanese Pocky candy, and these other little chewy treats from somewhere.  Owning my own chopsticks can be scratched off my bucket list now!

My very own chopsticks!!!

I’m thankful for pedicures. They just make you feel so much better! It’s a treat for your feet. And I treated my feet yesterday! It felt great. I feel a little bad for the guy who had to actually do the pedicure, but I’m sure he’s seen worse than my runner feet that rarely wear shoes.

Feet! I probably should have put a filter on this…

Take a moment to think about what you’re thankful for today!


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