Thankful Thursday: Waffles, Mamas, and BCM lovin’

Hello friends! I’m feeling a little excited and chatty today, so be prepared for a rambling, wordy post.

I’m thankful for my “job”! My day job is in a lab, which is cool sometimes, but my other job is the female freshman minister at the BCM. That job title is my favorite. Basically, it means I get to hang out and love on freshmen, because I know that the first year away from home means a lot of adjusting and finding out who you are. I also get to plan events. Last Friday night, I hosted a girls’ night at the BCM. The event had been in the works for over a month, and I was super excited. Putting my love for Pinterest and vintage crafts to use, I planned to have a waffle bar and make fabric headbands and bracelets out of some nifty sheets that I thrifted. (Is ‘nifty’ still a cool word? Never mind, don’t answer that).

Nearly 20 girls showed up! This was both upperclassmen and freshmen, which was great. I got tons of toppings for the waffle bar and everyone ate until they couldn’t anymore. One funny thing: peanut butter is one of my favorite waffle toppings, so I got a huge jar of it.  Some of the girls had never heard of putting pb on waffles before! We made them try it, and every single one loved it. We may have even created a few new addicts.

After eating, I pulled out the thrifted sheets. They were made from older fabric, so all you have to do is snip and rip and you get perfect strips.  I had needle and thread to sew the ends, but most of the girls just tied knots and went to town making bracelets and headbands. The whole evening was full of laughter and singing and great fellowship.  I am so thankful to get to know the freshman girls better! I’m also thankful that upperclassmen girls came. In fact, I’m thankful for this job and love everything about it so much that I’ve accepted the same position for next school year!

Look at those crafty girls!
So. Much. Fabric.

I’m thankful for the BCM! I’ve said this many times before, but it’s so true! Through the BCM, I’ve met many of my close college friends and mentors. I also get to do awesome things like have waffle bar craft nights and go to Atlanta with students from 5 different countries. Our banquet is tonight, so I’m excited to see everyone in their fancy clothes. The BCM has been a second home and family to me the past two years, and I can’t wait to see what the next two years hold!

I’m thankful for exams that go well.  Yes, I am thankful for lessons learned from failed exams, but it’s still great when I do well on a test! Last night, I took my last regular semester test. I put in many hours of studying, and the Lord certainly blessed it, because I walked out feeling confident.

I’m thankful my mama came to visit last weekend! Home is where ya mama is, and mine came to BR for the weekend. She mixed waffle batter at girls’ night, folded my laundry, and bought 1611 a new vacuum. But mostly she just came to hang out with me! It was a great visit before all the finals studying madness begins.

I’m thankful for snocones.  Best warm-weather treat ever.

I’m thankful for Crystal Light Energy.  I had a glass of it this morning with breakfast. Since I take in little to no caffeine on a normal day, I think this may very well explain my chipperness today. I may put this stuff to good use when studying for finals.

Take a moment to think about what you’re thankful for today!


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