On my “Good Reads” page, I listed the blog SingleRoots.  Their tagline is “you’re more than your dating life,” and they have blogs that range from hilarious to serious that are all about the Christian single life. I don’t really consider myself an adult (maybe “young adult.” There’s got to be a better term for the in between!) yet, but I’m Christian and single and growing in my faith, so I read the blog. And every single one has given me something to think about and ponder. Some even step on my toes a little, and others make me realize that I’m certainly not the first to do this thing called life.

Last week, the blog launched a pretty cool new section. It’s a map of North America with pins dropped all over it. Each pin represents a Christian blogger.  They kept talking about this map on Twitter, and said that everyone could check it out and that you could add your blog to the list. I popped over to see what bloggers were in Louisiana, and noticed there was a pin on Baton Rouge – it was my blog! That was pretty exciting to see. And such an honor that they find my blog interesting enough to tell the world about! I’m listed among many amazing bloggers. I haven’t had a chance to check them all out, but I plan to when I get a chance.

So, if you’re here by way of SingleRoots, welcome! My posts jump all over the place topics-wise, so bear with me as I share about my day-to-day life. My daddy has told me on more than one occasion that I don’t live a “normal” life, which is pretty true. I just tell about life as it comes, and invite you to follow my crazy life.

Want to check out SingleRoots? I thought so!

Website: And follow them here on Twitter!

Another random tidbit: each week, they do a best of Twitter from the week. These also range from funny to serious, and last week, I made it onto the list!

That was quite a day!

What are you waiting for? Go check out their awesome website!


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