On Being Home

As I mentioned in my Thankful Thursday post, I’m home for Easter weekend.  After a little shopping with my mama yesterday (I’m still pretending I didn’t do homework), we went out to the high school for a baseball game. I haven’t been out there too much since I graduated (was that really two years ago?).  All the boys that were just babies when I graduated are now juniors and seniors, starters for the team. And of course I knew nearly everyone on the home side of the stands. It was a little strange being back, but not as weird as I thought it would be. Nothing like the boys of summer!

It’s still cool here at night, so my dad lit our outdoor fire pit. Three of my closest childhood girlfriends came over.  We now live in three different cities and go to three (soon to be four) different universities.  We don’t talk regularly, but as soon as we’re back together, we pick right back up where we left off. We sat outside and talked for hours, catching up on each others’ lives. We had to pinch ourselves a bit when we caught the conversation turning to bills! We aren’t little girls anymore, but there is certainly a bond you have with people you grow up with, and share so much with.  We’ve reached the point where we have to be friends – we know too much about each other!

Here we are at junior prom. It was FREEZINGG!!!!!!
And of course we recreated the picture at our Senior prom!

Don’t be fooled – these are just the pics that I have on my computer. I could probably hunt through my mom’s picture boxes and find one or two from elementary school, but I’ll save that for potential blackmail 😉

Today, we headed east to visit my mom’s family. We met at my aunt’s house, which used to belong to my grandparents.  A few were missing due to other commitments, but most everyone was there.  I hadn’t seen everyone since Christmas, and I always love visiting with family! I just wander from one conversation to the next, putting in my few cents when asked, answering their inquiries about my life. I have a sister and four cousins close in age to me, and three older, so we used to have grand Easter egg hunts every year. We only have one little one now, so I got to play Easter bunny this year! She’s not quite 2, so I kept it simple. Miss B was loved it once she got the hang of it. That child never stopped moving the entire afternoon.  I loved chasing her around! We’re both summer babies, so running around in the backyard made for a perfect afternoon.  The little stinker was actually due on my birthday (that I already share with one older cousin), but she came a few days early.

She's got her Easter hat on!
I snatched her up long enough for a picture!

I don’t get to see family often enough, but it was the perfect addition to this weekend of celebration and remembrance. I hope you got to spend time with family too!


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