Thankful Thursday: Spring Break!!

This last week has FLOWN by, like they all seem to lately.

I’m thankful I’m home for the weekend! Spring break started for me today at 2:30. I threw some clothes in a bag and hit the road.  My puppy and Daddy met me at the door. I’ve been here less than an hour and already have a full schedule for the weekend, a tummy full of spaghetti, and I’m sitting on the couch watching Grey’s and pretending I don’t have any homework.

I’m thankful for a little spontaneity. Tuesday, Erica (she blogs some great truths here) asked the Facebook world if anyone wanted to see Titanic with her at midnight.  Since my sleeping patterns were already whack for the week and I didn’t have any classes on Wednesday, I agreed to go with her and Brennan! It’s not something I would normally do in the middle of the week, but it was so much fun! I was too young to see the movie in theaters the first time around, and I have never actually watched it start to finish in one sitting before.  We kept the 3D glasses since they said Titanic on the side of them. It started to rain as soon as we left the theater, so we got to run through the pouring rain to get back to our apartments – a laughable ending to the night!

Yay for 3D movies at midnight!!

I’m thankful for failed exams. I guess I should say that I’m learning to be thankful for failed exams.  I had never failed anything academically before coming to college, but I’ve since seen that grade more than once. They’re a dose in humility and a reminder that I need to keep working hard to reach my academic goals.

I’m thankful for other bloggers that inspire. I’m working on creating a page on here that lists all the blogs that I read. They range from running to Christian life style blogs, and all of them are great. Can’t wait to get that done!

What are you thankful for today? Be looking for a Thankful Thursday from Atlanta next week!


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