Upcoming Adventures!

As I started this post to tell about my adventures that are coming, I got a text that Stew got into nursing school!!

That's me with NURSE CAROLINE!!

Yay!! There was never any doubt that she would get in, but it’s exciting news still!

So, back to regularly scheduled programming. I’ve got two super exciting adventures coming up and want to share all about them.

Spring Break 2K12 – Atlanta, GA!

I was originally planning to just go home for Spring Break, but since everyone else will still be in school or at work, I decided to jump in with one of the BCM Spring Break trips, after going home for Easter weekend. I, along with 6 other American students, am going with a group of international students to Atlanta. We’re going to do all the fun, tourist-y things, like the Coca-cola headquarters and the Georgia Aquarium. I’ve only seen the Atlanta airport, so I’m just as excited as the internationals. I’m friends with several of the students going, so I can’t wait to get to know them better, and I hope for some good, intentional conversations about the gospel. Us American girls may even be cooking one night, which should be interesting. I think this is going to be a great trip!

I don't even drink Coke, but I'm excited for this!

Adventure #2: Well Child International Service Learning trip to Managua and San Carlos, Nicaragua! Many of my friends and family already knew about this trip, because I sent out fundraising letters in January. At the time I sent out the letters, however, I didn’t yet have a “Go” for the trip – I was actually the only one signed up! I was assured that these trips filled more times than not, so I trusted that God would provide both the money and the “Go!” and He did! This email came two months after I sent out fundraising letters, and six months after applying:

What is Well Child you ask? It is an all-female team of students and health professionals that works to provide pro-active pediatric and pre-natal care to the population of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is second only to Haiti in instances of cervical cancer and infant mortality.

I will be traveling internationally for the first time, though I have travelled alone before. I meet my team in Managua, and we will have a few days of orientation and training sessions before getting to spend 8 days doing hands-on work in the clinic and surrounding homes, for a total of two weeks spent in Nicaragua. I purchased my blood pressure set and stethoscope today, so I only have scrubs left to purchase. I’ll have the opportunity to sightsee in Nicaragua as well, which I’m excited about because all of the pictures are beautiful! I also can’t wait to meet my team and get to know them. This is a non-Christian missions organization, so while I may have some sisters in Christ on the team, I may not.

My trip is fully funded, but I could still use your prayers. Please pray for safe travel and no illness. Pray for the hearts of my team members, and that I am able to have open and intentional conversations with them. Pray that God uses this trip as affirmation of what His plan is for my future. Expect lots of updates as I prepare to go on this incredible journey!


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